This Contrary Vegetarian has a New Home!!

For a long time, I’ve been casually posting a recipe now and then under the catagory “Contrary Vegetarian” (because I am not a vegetarian – I just cook for a few of them) and toying with the idea of starting a food blog.  Well, today I did it!!  (That’s not entirely true – I’ve been working on it like crazy for a week or so now – but I launched it today.)  So, without further introduction, I’m excited to announce ~

What’s for Dinner, Mama?

It’s been over 10 years now since one of my daughters decided to go vegetarian, and when she did, I resolved that I was not going to cook two different meals every night – one for her and one for everyone else.  I also didn’t I want her to live on Tofurkey and PBJ’s her entire life, so I started cooking more vegetarian-friendly choices and developing adaptable meals – meals that can be made for both vegetarians and omnivores at the same time.

That daughter has long since been lured back to the meat-eating side, wiled away by the seductive scent of bacon (and no, my dear vegan/veggie friends, your facon does not taste like bacon, no matter how much you like to think it does), but there are still plenty of vegetarians in my life to cook for, and since then, I’ve never looked back.  In fact, I’ve learned a lot about cooking for vegetarians in an omnivorous household, and even more about living cleaner, greener, and healthier – and that’s what What’s for Dinner, Mama? is all about.

Pop over today – you’ll find four recipes (under the tab Recipes →Cooking Basics) that are staples in my meal-prep arsenal.  Next Monday, I’ll put them all together and post a recipe for one of our all-time favorite meals – warm, healthy comfort food that both veggies and omnis will love.


P.S.  I’ll get the results of Save a Book posted this weekend!


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